Yes, I know that the phrase “a little off plumb” used as a description for testing vertical direction spells “plumb” with a “b “.  However, this site is named after my cottage by Plum Island Sound (and my house is clearly off plumb).  This poem, which hangs over the front door, came with the cottage:

This house was built by a North Shore gent
Whose level was his thumb
He quenched his thirst with elbow bent
So the house is a little off Plum (Island, that is).

And for those who know me and think, well gee, I still think she is a little “off plumb,” you are most likely correct.

The purpose of this site?  Part geek, part thoughts.  It is a work in progress, so I guess we will see together.

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Merry Christmas!

A friend mentioned that she still wishes everyone (unless she knows to do otherwise) “Merry Christmas”.  She did this from her heart, explaining that in doing so she was sharing the joy that she felt at this time of year with the recipient, hoping that they would feel such joy for their celebration.

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