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Yes, I know that the phrase “a little off plumb” used as a description for testing vertical direction spells “plumb” with a “b “.  However, this site is named after my cottage by Plum Island Sound (and my house is clearly off plumb).  This poem, which hangs over the front door, came with the cottage:

This house was built by a North Shore gent
Whose level was his thumb
He quenched his thirst with elbow bent
So the house is a little off Plum (Island, that is).

And for those who know me and think, well gee, I still think she is a little “off plumb,” you are most likely correct.

The purpose of this site?  It is a work in progress, so I guess we will see together.

About Me

My name is Debbie and I live in my dream cottage by the sea with my sweet husband, Bob, and our dog Juno.  Major influences in my life have been Elisabeth Elliot, George Müller, Lettie Cowman, Skip and Barbara Pimentel, Dick, and my Mom.  I also consider myself fortunate to have the best friends in the world.

I am a Christian.

My background is primarily in IT (with thanks to my great friend and mentor, Roger), with a little bit of everything else thrown in.  My career was spent working with and troubleshooting PCs and Windows, but I escaped all that (well, not really, I still help my family and friends with theirs) for Apple products.

I am polishing my writing skills (hopefully) with this blog.  While confident in my ability to write documentation and sound research papers, writing in my own voice is something new to me.


I use the following hardware:  iMac, MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, iPhone, Apple Watch, and a Kindle.  I use a Sony DSC-HX80 camera and my Canon 5 D Mark iii, each with very different capabilities which I enjoy using. A [very] partial list of the software I use is Scrivener for writing, Evernote for a paperless environment and to keep me sane, Adobe Photoshop Elements  for great editing of my photos, and DayOne as my journal.  Recently I have fallen in love with a more simple writing app, iA Writer.

I make extensive use of my Evernote Web Clipper as well as the Grammarly app.

I make daily use of the Scannable app for my iPhone to go paperless and save receipts, invoices, etc. to Evernote.  I also make use of IFTTT.

Podcasts & Listening

I subscribe to a number of podcasts.  Here is my current list:

I listen to WBUR, Boston’s NPR radio station.

Other listening includes the sermons, recorded starting in the 1970s (or thereabouts), by David Pawson. These sermons provide me with much-needed insight into my ongoing study of the Bible.

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