Geek Toys: The Rocketbook Everlast Notebook

Note:  I am writing a review of something that I purchased. I was not compensated for this review. OK, I will admit to two things:  being a clothes horse and being a lover of geeky toys.  So, it is with the second admission that I just had to purchase the Rocketbook Everlast Notebook. I hate … Continue reading Geek Toys: The Rocketbook Everlast Notebook

Security Breach–Thank you, Equifax

(Note: All links will open a separate window/tab in your browser) Shame on me.  Because as security-savvy as I have professed to be, I have not taken action before the Equifax breach to make sure my identity is protected. Yes, my identity.  Because it is not the fact that the breach released into the hands … Continue reading Security Breach–Thank you, Equifax