In Memory of Kate Spade, with Love

This summer I was saddened to hear of the death of designer Kate Spade.  I had never met her, and I am not one of those celebrity-watchers.  I was saddened because Kate had designed a dress that I own which makes me feel on top of the world every time I wear it.  The detail and beauty of the design, as well as the ability to invoke that kind of feeling in the wearer, is something that made me in awe of Kate.

I have always been a clothes horse, from the earliest age, as you can see here:

Easter_Deb copy

It was Easter Sunday and I was dressed in my Easter best, complete with bonnet and white gloves. I knew I was stylin’. Right after this photo was taken, I fell flat on my face. Upon realizing what I had done, I surveyed the scene. No way was I going to use my hands to push myself upright—I had those white gloves on! So, I dug my elbows into the ground, gloved hands safely pointed towards the sky, and eventually, I got to my feet.

I belong to a writing workshop.  One week the prompt given was for each of us to write about something from a list of things that we liked. So, I wrote about my Kate Spade dress. I hope you enjoy it.

To Kate With Love

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