Merry Christmas!

Yesterday, I wished the check out woman at the register a MerryChristmas.  She thanked me, then continued, “It is so nice to hear specifically ‘Merry Christmas’”.  I agreed.

Years ago, unless I knew of a person’s specific holiday beliefs, I wished everyone I saw a “Merry Christmas.”  I said it with genuine joy, the joy I feel over the holiday.

Then came the days of political correctness and angry backlash to those of us who voiced that greeting.  A multitude of holidays was named and shame on us who assumed that Christmas was a person’s holiday.

Cowed by this sentiment, I resorted to “Happy Holidays,” although that seemed so lame and lacking in joy.

Then a friend mentioned that she still wishes everyone (unless she knows to do otherwise) “Merry Christmas”.  She did this from her heart, explaining that in doing so she was sharing the joy that she felt at this time of year with the recipient, hoping that they would feel such joy for their celebration.

So, timidly at first, and then with more confidence, I wish everyone I see a Merry Christmas.

And to you, dear reader, Merry Christmas.

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