Pricey Headphones Broken? Check out this repair company

Note:  I am reviewing a headphone repair service that I have used and paid for.  I have not been compensated for this review.

I bought my first pair of BOSE headphones in 2005 for a trip to Australia.  I tried many noise cancelling headphones and decided on the Bose.  Awesome.

But last year I noticed (and became slightly hysterical over) the deteriorating state of the ear cushions as well as a slight hum when the headset became close to electrical current, such as when my iPhone was charging.

Fortunately, I found Thinking them too good to be true, I called them, described my issues, and received a professional assessment as well as an estimate based on what I thought to be the problems.

Check out “how it works” on their site to get all the details.  I was impressed:  every step of the process, including the ease of sending the Bose to the company, the emailed estimate, the turn-around time, and the final repair was perfect!

BTW:  The repairs offered are not limited to Bose.

Happy listening!

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