Healthcare in the News: An option to reduce cost of your prescriptions

Note:  I am giving a review of something that has helped me. I was not compensated for this review.

A number of months ago there was a medication I needed.  It held the possibility of greatly improving my quality of life.  I discovered, however, that the monthly cost of the generic was prohibitive.

I am one of the lucky ones.  I have great health and prescription insurance.  Yet here was this medication that was far beyond my reach.

Enter Blink Health.  Bottom line:  I was able to fill my script at approximately 12.5% of the price.

Yes, you need a prescription that will be filled at your local pharmacy (and they work with 57,000 pharmacies nationwide).

Using the search engine provided on the Blink Health site, I was able to look up the prescription name as well as the dosage. Having nearly fainted at the cost savings, I created an account and received a Blink Health card (they have an app for your smartphone should you choose to use that).  You can print the card or do what I did—scanned it to Evernote, which is where I keep my brain.  (Note:  there is no cost for creating an account.)

Next, using my credit card, I purchased my medication on the Blink Health site for the price indicated, making sure that what I was purchasing was the exact name and dosage as my script.

I received a receipt/confirmation which I took to CVS.  When I picked up the script, I simply showed my Blink Health receipt as payment.  That was it.

I do have some other expensive scripts (nowhere near as expensive as the one that I filled using Blink Health) and the price has not been less.  Cost savings will vary.  However, the cost savings of that one particular drug was a huge help to me.

I recommend that you make yourself familiar with this site—it is very informative.  And with health care (or the lack thereof) in debate for all of us, Blink Health may be an ally you will need.

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