Geek Toys: The Rocketbook Everlast Notebook

Note:  I am writing a review of something that I purchased. I was not compensated for this review.

OK, I will admit to two things:  being a clothes horse and being a lover of geeky toys.  So, it is with the second admission that I just had to purchase the Rocketbook Everlast Notebook.

I hate using paper.  When I am forced to handle a paper receipt, invoice, or just plain something I should keep, I scan it immediately to Evernote using Scannable on my iPhone and then toss (or shred) the offending piece of paper.

However, every now and then I need paper, usually to sketch something.  But since paper annoys me, I do not carry paper and I rarely have a pen.  I cast about looking for these tools and sometimes am able to execute the task on a Kleenex.  Not a good solution.

This week I stumbled upon the Rocketbook Everlast Notebook and WOW. What fun.

Using Pilot Frixion pens and NOT using the Friction eraser, I can sketch and jot down notes on specially constructed pages in my Everlast notebook (I got the journal size) and then the WOW factor comes into play:

◆    I can erase the pages cleanly with a damp cloth

◆    I can set up the destination for the scans made with the app by programming the destination and then marking it on the bottom of each page to the right of the QR code.

◆    I can scan the pages using the Rocketbook app for iOS or Android on Google Play.

You have up to seven pre-defined destinations that you can set up for your scans.  I have only used three:  my email address, my Evernote account, and my Dropbox account.

Here is a scan of what a quick note looks like on the page of Rocketbook.  I am pointing to an X which is over the icon that I have selected for scanning to Evernote.  Although you cannot see the icons to the right of the QR code, they are visible on the actual page.

rocketbook pic

Here is the scan how it appears in Evernote.   Notice that the QR, icon as well as the Evernote icon, is missing from the final scan done with the Rocketbook app.

rocketbook final

I can easily carry the journal size notebook which has 36 pages.  The website for the product is very detailed in its information.  Remember to use Frixion pens (the clicker version uses the side clasp that holds your pen in your pocket NOT the top of the pen).  Never use the pen eraser—this erodes the specially made paper.

Set your exports to PDF format for multiple pages (resulting in black and white) or jpeg for a one-page color format.

Have fun!

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