A friend recommended the “Happiness” app for my iPhone (Here it is via the iTunes Store).  It chirps at me randomly and asks me first about my happiness level.  Actually, it asks, “How do you feel?” and there is a sliding scale from “Very Bad” to “Very Good”. It then asks what I am doing and some details.  It also throws in some other questions that are mostly for the research project connected with this app.
I have been using it for a couple of days now, and you know what?  I am pretty content with my life.  I use the word “content” instead of happiness because I think contentment is more to the point of how I feel than happiness.  I think contentment can still be felt in the midst of chaos.  It is all in the way you view your circumstances.
I am also intrigued when the app asks me the question, “If you could change something about today, what would it be?” Upon reflection, my answer has always been, “Nothing.”  It is not that every day in my life is a bed of roses (nor do I demand that it should be)–but upon reflection that is imposed upon me by this app, I realize that overall, things are not all that bad.

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